Sale of lottery tickets in restaurants

As a matter of fact, in the US the trend started a few years ago of selling lottery tickets in pubs, bars, restaurants and fast food chains is increasing more and more. It seems that it’s becoming the ultimate frontiers for lotteries.

The industry of gambling in the 3rd millennium

After all, the industry of gambling as to casino games has already had its boom of sales through the installation of land based slot machines in numerous restaurants and pubs, not only in the US (where this trend first started to appear) but also all over the world. This has been provoking and raising so many protests and moral reactions from people of all cultures and religious faith.

However, it seems so clearly that this trend is hard to die in a society where people need more money.

Why lottery games?

This is a naïf question which, however, is always worth an answer. First off, you have to know that today gambling games are more easily available than in past times, where only rich people could afford to play lottery or casino games.    Lotto games

In the past few decades, lotto games have been featuring more attractive game options and features, so that more people feel attracted from such games and decide to try them.

Lottery games are, among the many gambling games, the easiest to play. In fact, all you should do in order to play a lottery game that you like is to go and purchase tickets, choose your favorite numbers making sure you are selecting the right amount of numbers for that particular game – in fact, each single lottery features a specific amount of numbers that it’s possible to play.

Where to find lottery games?

This is another good question. First off, let’s say that lotteries raised the scene as offline land based games. draws are still executed in the offline way. But the great news is that anyone can easily play any type of lottery game even from abroad or without to go out.

This is possible thanks to an excellent online lottery platform: Lottery Master. Basically, you can find all national and foreign lotteries on Lottery Master along with helpful tips, articles and game rules.

Using the Lottery Master’s platform you can buy superenalotto online and play even if you don’t live in Italy and, similarly, you can purchase Powerball lottery tickets even if you are based in Australia.

Rules to play SuperEnalotto

Lottery games are essentially very easy to play. As to SuperEnalotto, keep in mind that you have to select 6 numbers from a grid of 1 to 90 numbers. Then, you can choose another complementary number from a second grid: this number is called Jolly in the SUperEnalotto lottery and it is automatically selected for players.

The Jolly number allows players to get more chances to get a prize, because if their combo of numbers doesn’t match the drawn numbers, they still can have chances to get a secondary prize.