Tutti Mangia Owners Named Entrepreneurs of the Year

Tutti Mangia owners, Ed Inglese and Jim Hermanson were recently named So Cal Restaurant’s Entrepreneurs of the Year. Tutti Mangia Owners Receive Entrepreneur of the Year Award

They were given the Golden Bacchus Award or “Greek God of Dining” award and also received five stars from the organization.  

This award coincides with a huge milestone for the Claremont Village restaurant and bar — Tutti Mangia is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary — including unique events, monthly promotions and gift certificate giveaways, and a sweepstakes which a culinary trip for two is on the line.

The official anniversary date is in November, but Tutti’s began 10 months of giving back to the community in January. Each month, they’re partnering with a different local charity and cutting a check for a percentage of sales in the name of the organization.

For more information about Tutti’s 20th anniversary, click here. 

The duo co-own two other restaurants, Spaghetti Eddie’s Cucina Italiana in Glendora and Eddies Pizzeria & Eatery in Claremont, which also received four stars.